Scream 7: Christopher Landon to Take Directing Duties From Radio Silence- Reports

Following the massive success of Scream VI, Scream VII is now in the works.But a new development has happened as the direction of the film has now changed hands, with director Christopher Landon taking charge of the project. Scream VI was directed by the duo of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet, who following the movie’s great success both critically and commercially had hoped to direct a seventh one. While Scream VII is indeed being made, Christopher Landon took charge as the duo stepped back due to focusing on making their untitled monster movie. Landon is an accomplished director for his part to take charge of the franchise as his credit includes projects such as Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Happy Death Day and Freaky among others. Christopher Landon to Direct Scream 7- Reports.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is currently unclear who will be writing the script for Scream VII, because James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick wrote the scripts for the two recent movies. The script won’t even begin until the strike of WGA ends, which is so far unresolved and only heating up. There is a possibility that Landon will himself write the script as he is also a script writer. However, much like the previous one, it is expected that Paramount will return as distributor. Furthermore, there’s also the question of casting, as the actors who play surviving characters such as Jenna Ortega among others don’t have any deals in place as of yet. The casting is further to be disturbed by the SAG-AFTRA strikes, and as such it is hard to predict what will happen next. Scream VI Movie Review: Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera’s Slasher Film is Franchise’s Most Satisfying and Goriest Sequel Yet! (LatestLY Exclusive).

One of the most iconic horror-slasher franchises, Scream first came to theatres in 1996 and was directed by Wes Craven, who proceeded to direct four more sequels, each becoming a success, though at the time Scream 3 and Scream 4 had been criticised, recent reception has improved greatly. The movie is known for its notorious slasher style gruesome murders committed by the iconic killer known as Ghostface due to his mask and black cloak. Ghostface has become an icon in horror movies much like Freddy Kruger or Leatherface.

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