Did Carrie make a ‘Big’ mistake?

The ladies are getting down to business this week on Max’s “And Just Like That” — and seemingly re-evaluating everything.

Charlotte accepts a full-time gig at an art gallery, Miranda goes back to lawyer-land, and Seema takes on a high-profile client.

And Carrie? Well, she makes some executive-level decisions about her new-old relationship.

Let’s start with Miss Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), who we learn has spent the past month in a romantic-comedy montage with Aidan Shaw (John Corbett).

At the beginning of the episode, Aidan tells Carrie he wants her to meet his three sons and come see his red-brick Virginia farmhouse where, oddly, one of the chickens lays eggs in one offspring’s bed every morning.

Carrie, for her part, seems to have come a long way since her city-slicker soul rebelled against Aidan’s country house in Season 4 of “Sex and the City” — she tells her pals over brunch that she can’t wait to play the Southern belle.

Things are going so well with Aidan since their V-Day reunion that Carrie has even been rethinking whether she made the wrong decision the first (and second) time around.

What if she had ended up with Aidan long ago? What if she’d sabotaged their original engagement for a man — John “Big” Preston (Chris Noth) — who wasn’t right for her?

Carrie and Aidan are loved-up and living in Che's apartment this week on "And Just Like That."
Carrie and Aidan are loved-up and living in Che’s apartment this week on “And Just Like That.”
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

A year after the death of her first husband, Carrie wonders aloud to Miranda: “Was Big a big mistake?”

But perhaps this new, Birkenstock-clad Carrie should take it easy.

After all, we haven’t addressed the elephant in the room — or, more accurately, the elephant who refuses to enter the room.

Aidan still won’t step foot in Carrie’s apartment, so the love birds have been nesting in expensive hotels with $26 omelets.

Instead of trying to change her beau’s mind, Carrie approaches Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) with a proposal. Since their TV show tanked, Che has been working at an animal hospital, living with grandma and renting out their expensive apartment on Airbnb to sub-par tenants.

Carrie offers to rent Che’s apartment while Aidan is in town — Car-bnb, if you will.

It’s a sweet gig for the stand-up comedian, who gets to stay in Carrie’s place when Aidan is in town and move back into their apartment when he isn’t.

Carrie types at her desk at home.
Carrie wonders if she should’ve been with Aidan all along, asking Miranda whether “Big was a big mistake.”
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Because Carrie and Aidan decide they simply need all kinds of home gear from a Nespresso to a pepper mill, Che also gets a hodgepodge of cookware as an added bonus. Che also helps themself to a tour through Carrie’s closet, as though they didn’t learn anything from Braxton’s transgression into Lisa Todd Wexley’s (Nicole Ari Parker) sacred space last week.

Che asks Carrie and Aidan why they split up the first time around, seeing how cozy they are after a little over a month of being back together.

Carrie seems to have made up her mind about her earlier question as to whether Big was the right choice: “’Cause I made a mistake,” she replies.

Anthony and Giuseppi look at each other.
Anthony Marentino finds true “loaf” when he realizes his “Hot Fellas” delivery boy is actually gay, not straight
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Aidan and Carrie seem more committed to each other than ever before, but unless Aidan learns to cohabitate with the memories of their past in her apartment, one has to wonder when the other Manolo Blahnik will drop.

Charlotte York-Greenblatt (Kristin Davis) is also stuck in the past this week as she starts pounding back the bone broth to slim down for her job as a gallerina. Her slim-fit new work dress doesn’t feel quite right — the tiny pink belt keeps riding up — and she hates that she can’t drop 5 pounds like she used to.

Taunted by thoughts of the petite colleagues she’ll have, Char opts to crush her lungs into about five pairs of Spanx. But after meeting a stylish colleague who also isn’t a size 2, our favorite art history major lets herself breathe and throws away all of her shapewear.

Well, all but one pair — just in case.

Miranda and Carrie walk down the street.
Miranda’s arc this week shows her getting back into the legal profession — and ruffling some feathers as she immediately begins to climb the lawyerly ladder.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

The “Hot Fellas” bread business rises to the top of this week’s subplots as Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone) discovers his smoldering, Italian-poet delivery boy is unexpectedly gay. That makes Anthony realize that he’d like a slice of Giuseppe (Sebastiano Pigazzi), so he fires the wordsmith out of fear for their professional relationship.

“Go wear burgundy and do other poet-type things!” is a contender for the best line of the episode, but Giuseppe later surprises Anthony with a kiss that is better than carbs.

Mamma mia!

The most “WTF” storyline features Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) ruffling some feathers at her new job.

After begging for an internship at the human rights law firm that she’d previously turned down, the other two, younger interns are envious of Miranda’s quick rise to the top of the pack, blaming her “privilege.”

They gossip about her over text right in front of her at lunch and complain that they’ve been at the job for months, while Miranda only just started.

Seema and Carrie stand in the rain.
Seema tells Carrie that she needs some space from her coupled-up gal pal.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

What’s bewildering, though, is that these two ladies look hardly out of undergrad — whereas Miranda Hobbes, Esq., has more than 30 years of corporate law experience under her belt.

In any case, it’s nice to see the “SATC” legal-minded brainiac getting a win considering that, in her words, she’s a “sexually confused alcoholic who’s in the middle of a divorce.”

Elsewhere, Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) goes AWOL. She tells Carrie over a cigarette on Madison Avenue that it’s hard to hear about her friend’s two great loves — Big and Aidan — knowing she might never get even one.

She asks for some space and tells Carrie she decided to pull the plug on the Hamptons rental they’d decided to book together.

“I don’t want to spend a fortune having this feeling,” Seema tells newly-lucky-in-love Carrie. Still, Seema shows how much she cares when she shows up anyway for the ladies’ group dinner with Aidan.

Seema’s real estate agency also gets a super hot, superhero-movie director as a client this week — the kind of guy who answers his phone in the middle of a convo and says things like, “Sorry, it’s London.”

WIth the immediate sexual tension, we couldn’t help but wonder: Will Seema’s heart be the next property taken off the market?