‘Big Brother’ breaks out the multiverse — but some viewers think it’s just multibad

The competitors of 'Big Brother' season 25 are informed about the show's new multiverse.

The competitors of ‘Big Brother’ season 25 are informed about the show’s new multiverse.

CBS’s reality competition show Big Brother premiered its 25th season on Wednesday, replete with the popular, of-the-moment trend of multiverses, but it appears many viewers just wanna keep things in this universe only.

Host Julie Chen Moonves reminded this season’s houseguests when they first arrived to “expect the unexpected.” Then she introduced this new twist using a video showing three former Big Brother stars — Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes and Frankie Grande — “breaking” into the house and using something called the Time Laser to try and go back in time and fix the outcomes of their seasons. But apparently something went wrong with the Time Laser.

“The Big Brother multiverse has been cracked open,” Chen Moonves said. “What this means is that, not only have they changed the house, they’ve changed the game. Creating the most unpredictable season of Big Brother ever.”

To expand on that, uh, explanation, there are four universes that have taken over the game: the comic-verse, the humili-verse, the scary-verse and the scramble-verse, which can all “twist up the game” at any moment, according to the host.

What that amounted to this week was four different multiverse-themed games, followed by the surprise appearance of a 17th houseguest named Cirie Fields, who just so happens to be the mother of houseguest Jared Fields, and somewhat of an icon on another CBS reality show, Survivor.

So that’s what the multiverse means for Big Brother, but what it means for viewers reacting on social media is a different story, as they’re mostly finding it outdated, out of place, unnecessary and even “cringe.”

With plenty of bombshells likely to come this season courtesy of the multiverse, one thing is clear: this multiverse trend has descended into madness.

Big Brother airs on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.